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Systems engineering and the concepts it employs enables projects to be executed on-time, on-budget, and within scope. However, the processes and methods covered by systems engineering are typically not followed as prescribed. This overburdens leaner organizations with processes that cannot be built into a project’s labor estimate.

Organizations utilize many of the concepts in systems engineering but often in an incorrect or incomplete manner. Academia often creates new processes and methods that are theoretically viable but difficult to implement due to lack of resources or understanding. Leaner organizations are facing challenges that warrant systems engineering but require an emphasis on more simplistic development approaches.

To reduce the issues uncovered during the use of the “Vee” model and to create a more agile approach for leaner organizations, more flexible, relatable, and understandable processes and techniques are required. The Snap-in Systems Engineering method, introduced herein, is a methodology that follows the systems engineering “Vee” but focuses on an agile approach to architecting with an emphasis on practical knowledge and ease of project application. The method allows flexibility by empowering a team to implement a design strategy based upon the type of project being undertaken.

Each snap-in option minimizes systems engineering knowledge yet emphasizes measurable results.The Snap-in Systems Engineering or SISE method (pronounced “cease”) for lean organizations will be introduced herein, a review of the SISE method will be provided, and a real-world case study of its use will be explored. The goal of the explanations and examples provided are to highlight the benefits of time-savings, cost-savings, positive project outcome and to provide small organizations engineering tools for projects of a certain complexity.

“SISE is systems engineering for the rest of us.”

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