"I invest in people, not property. Through the power of real estate, we all achieve more."

Check out some of my focus areas as well as my buy box for syndications. If you're interested in working together, reach out here.

Multifamily Syndications

I provide capital as an LP or GP in multifamily syndications.

Self Storage Syndications

Need funds for self storage syndications? I invest there too.

Private Funding

Need debt funding or private lending? Reach out.

Raising capital for your next syndication? Here's our buy boxes.

Commercial multifamily or self-storage properties:

☑ That have a 3-5 year holding period,

☑ That pays quarterly distributions,

☑ Has the aim to refinance within 2-3 years from purchase date,

☑ With at least 50 units,

☑ With an equity multiple of at least 1.75x,

☑ With a IRR of at least 15%,

☑ A preferred return of at least 8% and a 70/30 split up to IRR,

☑ A cash on cash return of at least 9%,

☑ And a cash on cash return of at least 10%

Debt funding for multifamily properties purchased by syndicators:

☑ With an equity option that returns at least 10%,

☑ With a fund structure that has no more than a 1 year holding period before cash-out is allowed,

☑ And where cash-out request can be honored, under any condition, within 90 days from original request.

Private Lending for Real Estate Projects:

☑ Contact for details.


dcerone is not a registered broker. This is not a solicitation to provide guaranteed capital nor an offer for investment. Substantive relationship may be required prior to investment. For more information, contact me.

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