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My name is Daniel, founder of dcerone where we believe in solutions for change. By leveraging my skillsets, I actively seek to improve the lives of others through investment, technology, volunteering, and more. I’m an avid trail runner, deejay, and systems engineer plus, enjoy graphic design and art, architecture, and real estate.

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My Passions

I've got lots of things I'm passionate about! Here's just a handful:


My hobbies and interests

• IT & engineering.
• Cyber security.
• Critical infrastructure.
• Physical digital security.
• Product design.
• Systems engineering.


Giving back

• Undergraduate advisement.
• Community engagement through technology.


Building and preserving wealth

• Private money lending.
• Real estate syndication.
• Market investments.
• Financial literacy.

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The SISE Method- My Published Book

SISE is a systems engineering method that assists tech designers plan and create solutions that require teams of engineers to complete. It was specifically developed for lean, agile organizations.

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Step-By-Step Guidance

Persons with only domain knowledge follow the step-by-step guide and “snap-in” different techniques to develop a project depending on complexity- no experience in systems engineering required.

Addresses Key Issues

The method addresses six main issues that cause cost overruns and schedule delays which include committing few resources, missing info, poor planning, bad communication, costs, and inconsistent practices.

Used By Multi-National Companies

SISE is used by multi-national, 40+ billion-dollar corporations such as Schneider Electric Buildings Division.


Check out some of my most notable work, below.

• Private money lender in multiple apartment complex syndications to improve quality of life for their renters.

• Implemented Schneider Electric’s building’s division cyber security offering.

• Developed software and systems for various high-profile customers to simplify their security and operations.

• Creator of the NNB Warehouse Platform- helping a 100+ million-dollar branch store and ship product 24/7.

• Executed physical and cyber security contracts with critical infrastructure companies, commercial and residential real estate, higher education, and healthcare.

• Branded the Patient Xperience- a footwall and services platform for healthcare systems that reduces cost while boosting patient satisfaction scores.

• Music producer and DJ- mixing for over a decade under the alias DCer.

• Alumni mentor for NJIT.

• Consultant for community IT infrastructure.

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